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May 2012

M & M Llamas has an awesome start to the 2012!

We have decide to consign 6 awesome llamas to the Ozark Sale!! We have not been for a couples years so we are excited to return! We had high selling female last time we attended. We are hoping to do it again! Please and check out our lots.

If you see a M & M Llama you want to buy we will haul to MO or anywhere in between, FREE of change. A great added value service we offer at M & M Llama Ranch!

Thank You!

Thank you to Jack and Sandy for their purchase of Bandit and Bridger!! We know they will have a perfect home with you and your over 20 years experience with llamas in Colorado. We couldn’t ask for better owners!

Now We Have Fibers!


Our Fiber is warm, lighter and stronger than sheep's wool and we offer a vast array of natural colors

Our fiber is sought after by weavers, hand spinners, and fiber artist.

We have Llama Fiber Socks!

Dark Brown Llama Wool Socks

Llama fiber is very versatile.  We use our natural llama fiber to make a variety of products.


 We produce a natural sock with superior construction to those currently on the market today. All spandex and nylon knitted into our socks is on the outside creating a tough barrier to resist abrasion from boot and shoes and to protect the soft, warm llama fiber next to your foot.

Click on link to order your socks!

 >>> Llama Socks



Our Male Llamas

Contact us today for additional information or pricing on any of our animals.

M and M Demario

M and M Demario

SSRMT Leonardo ILR# 260992 X Kobra's Selena ILR# 264129

DOB 7.17.11 (ILR# Pending)

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Demario is a handsome part Argentine male with splashy coloring on a correct frame.

He is gentle and tame just like the meaning of his name.  He displays the true Argentine disposition that is desirable in Argentines. 

His dam Selena was a Grand Champion winner and her 2010 cria (M and M Bridget) was a Best of Show winner in 2011.  We feel Demario has the same awesome potential to be a TOP winner.  He is the complete package.

 For more information or to come out and meet Demario, contact us today!

M and M Brownie

Brownie head shot


M and M Sweets 2011

Sweets 2011More info soon

M and M Remington

M and M Remington

WSL Peruvian Crossfire ILR# 258436 X Bridger Vista's Jade ILR# 193257

DOB 7.21.10 (ILR# Pending)

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Remington is a Grand Champion medium wool show Winner.  He is a handsome gun metal gray suri with a correct frame.

His sire is our Outcross full Peruvian stud Crossfire and his dam goes back to the Llama Wool breeding program.

He is a PR dream and loves to get out and participate in community parades.  He will make an awesome addition to your herd or a perfect pasture pet!

Call us to make an appointment to meet this fun-loving guy!

Click for Fun Photos of M and M Remington

WSL Peruvian Crossfire

WSL Peruvian CrossFire

WSL Peruvian Crossfire

Peruvian Greystone PC-1 x Peruvian Saratoga PC-1

(IRL# 258436)

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Outcross Full Peruvian Suri – this guy is special! He is co-owned with Bob and Bev Storer. He has sired many beautiful, heavy-boned suris that have been consistently colorful. This incredible male has managed to produce unbelievable cria with females of all styles.

Why buy more of the same bloodlines when you can diversify with a fresh line!

We are pleased to welcome Crossfire to his new Montana home! Watch for his offspring in the upcoming LFA show and here on our site! 

M and M Edward

M and M Edward

M and M Edward

DOB 6.10.10 (ILR# Pending)

Heart & Soul ILR# 267035 x Shear Organza ILR# 277324


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Edward is one of those suri llamas that just takes your breath away.  He is so white and lustrous that he sparkles! So, how could we not call him Edward?! He has a correct frame and is going to do great in the show ring. He has a strong diverse pedigree that would add to any ranch program.

M and M Manntana - Consigned to Ozark Llama Sale

M and M Prince of Hearts

M and M Manntana

DOB 6.20.10 (ILR# Pending)

Heart & Soul ILR# 267035 x SLCL Princess Kalani ILR# 167903

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Three word best to describe this future herd sire and show ring winner – Appy, Suri and E-Line. An outstanding combination of color, fiber and genetics. This guy will be unstoppable in the show ring with his natural presence!  This is a complete package for any program.

M and M Emperor's Lorenzo

M and M Emperoros Soul

M and M Lorenzo

DOB 7.2.10 (ILR# Pending)

Heart & Soul ILR#267035 x Equinox's Empress ILR# 233616

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E-Line Appy is very apparent in this stunning male. His Dam was a Best in Show WINNER and it is easy to see this young suri will be following in her footsteps. Strong natural presence is in this pedigree, as well as,  the multi-generational appy coloring. His show career is going to start this winter and it no doubt will be distinguished.  More pictures of this stunning suri will be coming soon.

M and M

M and M White guy

M and M Lockhart

M and M Good Soul

M and M Lockhart

DOB 6.11.10 (ILR# Pending)

Heart & Soul ILR#267035 x M and M Bonito Gris ILR# 276771

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Robust, conformationally-correct suri with awesome fiber coverage. This guy is the largest of our crias and his age is in the middle of the group. He is half brother to the high selling female at the OLC in 2009. He is definitely a show ring contender. Check out how beautifully he squares up in the pasture.


M and M Black Cat - Consigned to Ozark Llama Sale

black cat head adult

M AND M Black Cat

Infa Red  ILR# 243410 x June

(ILR# 277480)  Date of Birth:  07-28-08

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Black Cat is a great example of why we like to breed the tried and true bloodlines of the past with the modern  fiber lines of today. Dark rich bay suri fiber on an outstanding correct frame! He has a great pedigree sure to enhance any program with his rich Catman bloodlines. His less than common but proven bloodlines are sure to compliment any program.


WSL Mohito


WSL Mohito

Peruvian Crossfire x White Star’s Sheena

(ILR# 276022)  Date of Birth:  05-15-08

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One of our most breath taking males and a FaceBook Fan favorite.  We are so excited about this junior herd sire!

Double suri and exotic. 

Co-Owned with Bob and Bev Storer.


Heart and Soul


Heart & Soul - From a black & white Bolivian Snowman daughter and Taylor Made, comes a colorful appy, with subtle grey undertones.

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He is tall, stretchy, with great bone and fine pencil suri locks, with luster. You'

ll want to take a close look at this stunning herd sires 2010 offspring. Full Bolivian! Co-owned with Superior Farms. 


M and M Locked On

M and M Locked On - Small Head Shot

M AND M Locked On

Infa Red – ILR# 243410 X Empress Equinox

(ILR# 233616)  Date of Birth:  06-27-08

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This young male has it all – size, color and suri fiber with abundant coverage. All this comes on an awesome E-Line frame. His pedigree goes back to the great Equinox, so you know color and size run deep in the bloodline.

This well-balanced male has a bright future in front of him as a show llama and then a herd sire. Take a good look at the potential of this young male and his not-so-every-day pedigree. 

Infa Red

Infa Red

Infa Red

 (ILR# 243410)

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Infa Red is an exciting Outcross Canadian bloodline suri male!  InfraRed-Fleece-rcHe has very solid nice bone, on a conformational correct structure and his suri fiber is some of the market's best! 

Infa Red is a Canadian National Futurity Winner and a Reserve Grand Canadian Sweepstakes Winner. 

We have an awesome group of Infa Red Crias that are now available.  Check them out to see the wide range of color and incredible bone he puts on them. 

Co-owned with GNLC in Montana. 

Mainn Mann

Mainn Mann - When Size Matters

MainMann Miniature Male Llama.  Great for Miniature Breeding programs.

Multi-Generational Proven Miniature Male. 

This tiny 35 1/4" tall, solid, conformationally correct, well-balanced miniature will be an excellent compliment to any miniature breeding program. 

You're gonna love him!

Make him your herd's Main Mann

Call us for more details.  Click for Contact Info